Contemporary Fine Art including Printmaking, Paintings on Paper as well as Signed & Documented Limited Edition Fine Art Prints


Every day I absorb what’s happening in the news, in society and in our culture. Those events influence me when I enter my studio to work. Usually, I start by looking at scraps of what I’ve collected and let them lead me, informing what I do. That’s when something magic happens, and that’s what motivates me to keep on the journey of creating art, which may be the most human of activities.

I’m a citizen of both the United States and of Italy and have lived, worked and travelled extensively in Europe, Latin America and Asia. I’ve been influenced by the events, traditions and vibrant colors emanating from these worlds. I’m a printmaker, photographer and a painter and have been making art since childhood. My Southern Italian ancestors worked as church muralists and stained glass window artists, painters and designers who still find expression in my work.

Ancient church art as well as contemporary social and cultural issues frequently find their way into what I create, and I also find joy in making something that for me is simply beautiful or just plain fun.



vary in the creation of my art. Besides painting, drawing and photography, I also incorporate a variety of printmaking in my finished works, including collagraphs, drypointetchings, lithographsmonotypes, linocuts and screenprints, among others, often layering techniques asmixed media or in encaustic. I prepare my own screens, plates anddigital images, printing my work in my home studio or in other Bay Area locations. ​​

​My work is conceived and executed  in a limited number edition, or as a unique painting on paper called a monotype. The numbering of each edition is made up of a fraction: the individual print number over the total edition size, e.g. 6/25 which means the print is the sixth print of an edition of twenty-five. A Varied Edition or Edition Varié (EV) is an edition in which I purposely make changes in color or change the paper from print to print.  

My prints are multi-originals, owing to the nature of the graphic processes.  I sign and number each  in pencil and once an "edition" is complete, no others are printed.​


In my view it is not the medium, however, that creates a work of art.  It is the aesthetic intention of the artist that gives a work its value. In addition, an editioned print need not be technically perfect to be of artistic merit.​


Start your own collection with something that appeals to you. Collecting art is a personal experience for your own enjoyment and enlightenment.Shopfor and buy works because you love them. If they appreciate in monetary value consider that an unanticipated consequence. Let your dividends be in terms of imagination and spirit.                   ​